Applied Design Technologies, a broadly scoped design company, is capable of handling many varieties of design projects. Of course, over the years, certain skill-sets have been developed and refined to the point where we consider them part of our core competency. Below is a non-inclusive list of these areas of design, quality, production and management where we have actual hands on experience at the engineering, project and management level.

Product /Component Design/Development:
Plastic component
      design-thermoplastic, thermo set
Material selection/specification
Specification development
Patent disclosure
Failure Mode, Effects and
      Criticality Analysis
Design for Manufacturing/Assembly
Finite element analysis
Zinc and aluminum alloy component

Systematic Design Control
Virtual Product Development
Air Filtration/Purification systems
Office Furniture Design
Thermoplastic Rubber Component

Rubber Component Design
Metal Stamping Design
FEA Stress Plot in Cosmos Express
      Metal Stamping/Fabrication
      Tool Development Management
      Manufacturing Assembly
      Fixture Design
      Zinc Die Casting
Quality Assurance:
      Quality Planning for

      Statistical Analysis
      Critical Control Parameter

      Test Plan and Test Development
      Test Fixtures
      Data Acquisition
      Data Reduction
GE Tensile Stress-Strain Data used for Design Validation on Cycolac (ABS) Part.
Business Aspects of Development:
      Technical Interface with Customers
      CAD System Software
      Technical Presentations
      Product Development Planning

      Oxygen Systems/Components
      Hydraulic Systems/Components
      Pneumatic Systems/Components

      High Pressure Gases
      Toxic Materials/Gases
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