If Exact Engineering can't do it, it can't be done. Really! Fabulous detail capability on
prototype aluminum and steel injection molding tools.

Efunda (Engineering Fundamentals site. Lots of good basic information and resources.

Great source for free info on rubber molding and specification. Very friendly web site

For that curiosity seeking geek in you and for the rest of us who don’t know everything.

Good source for materials searches. Great for browsing if you don’t know
quite what you need.

Got to have a patent search engine. I use this one allot since my other favorite
went down.

Everyone has an online converter but this one works fairly well and comes in

Very capable molder.

Great starting place for rotational molding technology and sources.

Someone always needs an MSDS.

Lots of creativity at this site for designers.

If you give a damn at all about this planet and you are a designer you should
already have a sustainable design site in your favorites. If not here is your chance
to get on the right track

Efunda palm software. Lots of capability.

Good source for engineering related software and some free stuff too

Solvay Engineering polymers.

GE Plastics Resins – the Industry’s Leading Resource for Engineering Thermoplastics

Nice efficient and concise source of plastics polymers with data for comparison.
I use this site allot.

When you need the best.

Good alternate source on a variety of materials.

If you are an engineer or designer and you are not interested in this…
then there is something wrong with you!

FEA resources.

Great and functional tool for backup utility.

If you like easy to use you will like this.

Most value in a hybrid solid modeler I know and they don’t think so much of their
stuff that they try to stiff you. Real folks. I know a guy who does SLA’s and he has
sworn by this software for years. Not as easy to learn but has great capability.

Gotta have it.

This is a real popular statistics tool for us more experienced professionals and for
the newer folks it’s the latest in six sigma analysis software. Powerful package that
provides most of what you require for analysis and presentation.

You have got to love this site and you paid for it anyway.

This is a more esoteric site but you will know if you need it.

Great polymer site for various brands of material.

Good source for thermoplastic elastomers.
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