ADTI customers come from varied industries ranging from automotive second tier suppliers to commercial diving and respirator industries. Several of the projects ADTI has worked on with our customers are described here. These designs indicate the breadth of our design capabilities.

Diskin Systems Inc., required a rapid turn-around on a part to prepare for an important presentation. Applied Design Technologies was contacted through their prototyping vendor to design the Air Shammee wand nozzle, essentially overnight. Two revisions later the design was complete and on the SLA machine. Total turn around time was about 24 hours.
Automotive window frame stamping die: ADTI worked with a supplier to a second tier automotive contractor to develop a die to cut window roll formed channel to a specific length while simultaneously punching locating holes for metrological analysis of each part on a gage. Our customer created the concepts for the stamping die design and ADTI used the automotive companies’ first surface Catia model to develop the 3D tool assembly, all the die component parts, and the 2D drawings required for the die component fabrication. The channel had a subtle helical twist that required 3D layout and the establishment of datums to ensure the gaging holes were precisely located.
Gorski2000ss commercial diving helmet: The Gorski Helmet is a state of the art commercial diving helmet designed for the professional diver. ADTI designed the oral-nasal mask and safety valve system for the Gorski company working closely with their creator to model a design in Pro-Engineer maintaining a severely compressed development schedule and a constrained budget. ADTI also contributed to the manufacturing effort by lining up a supplier for the safety valve components.
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